Millennium Club Scholarship Fundraising Event


Expert Committee

One of our first objectives for 2017 is to create an Expert Council, composed of members of Millennium. Its aims will be: To develop views on specific issues and challenges To inform Millennium’s members and supporters of developments and discoveries through publications on our website and Facebook page To represent Millennium in front of the media and the public with respect to concrete questions in the respective area of expertise To represent Millennium in front of the Bulgarian ministries...
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Bulgaria for EU 2018

One of the ambitious goals we have set for ourselves for 2017 is to actively participate in Bulgaria's preparation for the Presidency the Council of the European Union, which lies ahead of our country in the first half of 2018. We are eager to popularize this unique opportunity for our country, both at home and abroad. Our campaign will consist of: Conferences in Sofia, London, and Brussels Working together with the Bulgarian embassies in Europe Organizing events in the major capitals within...
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International Degrees and Diplomas

One of the biggest administrative obstacles for Bulgarians wishing to return to Bulgaria, to continue their studies or to pursue a career, is the recognition of their international diplomas. The current procedure is slow and archaic. It is problematic regardless of whether you are looking to continue your education or to obtain employment, in the public or private sector. Millennium’s approach We are working on an ongoing campaign to simplify the legalisation and the recognition of...
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Менторска програма

Към дадения момент няма достатъчно леснодостъпна информация за възможностите за професионално развитие и квалификация за младите хора, завърнали се в България или търсещи пътища за реализация извън България. Разнообразните профили на членовете на клуб Милениум ще позволят изграждането на мрежа от студенти от множество чуждестранни учебни заведения и професионалисти, представители на различни индустрии и корпорации. Менторските програми, организирани от клуб Милениум, ще са насочени към ученици...
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Bulgarian media

The strong interest from the Bulgarian media about Millennium and its activities, is proof that there is a desire to hear the voice of Bulgarians living abroad. We want to create a platform that enables the Bulgarian media to reach the best experts across the globe for their material. Millennium’s approach Utilising our network of members to connect journalists with the relevant people abroad, and to respond to specific media inquires in accordance with the expertise of the responder...
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