Scholarship "Millennium Club Bulgaria"

After careful deliberation, the first Millennium Scholarship was awarded to Ivan Ivanov, who will be pursuing a Bachelor’s in Computer Science at the University of Cambridge. Among Ivan’s achievements are victories from numerous national and international competitions in Computer Science and Mathematics, a summer research course at MIT, and two awards “John Atanasoff” awarded by the President of Bulgaria for exceptional achievements in computer science.


We are currently planning the second Millennium Scholarship Fundraising campaign, which will take place this fall! If you want to participate with corporate or individual sponsorship, please contact us at


Dear friends,


We are delighted to announce the first Millennium Club Bulgaria Scholarship of 13,000 BGN awarded to a talented Bulgarian student. The scholarship is awarded on the basis of academic merit and degree of financial hardship and provides a one-off financial support towards academic expenses. Current or prospective students of any discipline are eligible to apply, provided they hold a Bulgarian citizenship and are enrolled in a full-time course in the academic 2018/2019.


All candidates are required to provide the following information:


Letter of motivation clearly stating their reasoning to apply for the scholarship (up to 800 words)

CV which included academic grades and any extra-curricular achievements

Academic transcript

Signed financial declaration (provided here)



The deadline for all applications is 30th Apr 2018. The Scholarship will be awarded by 31st May 2018.


We thank all our sponsors who contributed to the scholarship and made this initiative of Millennium Club Bulgaria Possible.





What are the main criteria for evaluation of the candidates?

The candidates will be assessed on the basis of academic merit, extra-curricular activities and degree of financial hardship. The exact academic discipline or university will not be considered as main assessment criteria. Students of all disciplines and universities are eligible to apply, provided they hold a Bulgarian citizenship and are enrolled in a full-time course in the academic 2018/2019.


What is the academic period covered by the scholarship?


The Scholarship is awarded once for a period of a single academic year. Millennium Club Bulgaria reserves the right to announce another round of applications next year, subject so sufficient funding becoming available. Students who have applied once will be eligible to apply again in following rounds.


What are the main stages of the selection process?


After the first round of written applications, the selection committee will shortlist several candidates for an online interview. After the interview stage, the members of the selection committee will vote to select the successful candidate.


Can I apply if I have already completed one or more years of my degree but I now experience financial hardship that prevents me from completing the rest of my degree?

The scholarship is primarily aimed at prospective students but applications from current students will also be considered.


Can I apply if I have not been accepted at any University but expect to be offered a position by Sep 2018?

We are aware of the country-specific differences in the process of applying to university and the respective timelines. Therefore, we accept applications from students who are not yet accepted at an university. We expect the students to provide detailed information about the selected universities and the associated timelines as part of their CV or letter of motivation.


Can I use the financial support provided by the Scholarship to cover accommodation costs and other living expenses rather than tuition fees?

The financial support can be used to cover living and accommodation expenses provided the student has covered the rest of the academic fees by personal or other sources. A estimate of the expected expenses beyond the tuition fees should be provided as part of the letter of motivation.


Do I have any responsibilities towards Millennium Club Bulgaria if I am awarded the scholarship?

Only the applicant that has been awarded the scholarship will be required to become a member of Millennium Club Bulgaria by registering on the website and paying a one-off membership fee of 20 BGN. This registration does not lead to an obligatory participation in any ongoing or future initiatives of the club, but the member has the opportunity to propose new campaigns and assist in their leadership. The successful candidate will also be eligible to receive free mentorship from an established professional in his/her are of academic interest.


I have other questions but cannot find an answer here?

Any additional questions regarding the scholarship should be send to