Nikolay Katev


Nikolay Nikolaev Katev М.D. was born in 1983 in Sofia. He graduated in medicine at Medical University - Sofia in 2008. After graduation, he won a competition with honors and began specializing in "Clinic of liver, biliary, pancreatic and general surgery" of "Tokuda Hospital Sofia" in the team of Prof. Dr. Radoslav Gaydarski. At the time of specialization Dr.Katev is chairman of Resident's Union of Tokuda hospital Sofia. In 2014 acquired specialty "surgery". Author and Co-author of publications on domestic and international surgical forums. During his postgraduate training, Dr. Katev acquired certificates in the fields of laparoscopic and minimal invasive surgery, surgical oncology, endocrine and general surgery at home and abroad. He is a member of the Bulgarian doctors Union, the Bulgarian surgical Society, ESO- European School of oncology, ESSO - European community of surgeons and oncologists, EAES - European Association of endoscopic surgery. His professional interests are focused in the field of minimally invasive, laparoscopic and robotic surgery.