Polina Petrova

Digital design

Polina Petrova was born in Sofia on 4.12.1992. She graduated from the National School of Mathematics and Science with profile “Earth Sciences”. After high-school she moved to Manchester, United Kingdom to complete her bachelor degree in “Environmental Management” at the University of Manchester. Later on she moved to Liverpool to pursue a masters degree in “Entrepreneurship” at the University of Liverpool. During her masters she produced a TV commercial for a local enterprise as a part of her course, which later on received an offer from the owners of the firm to buy the rights for the commercial. This TV commercial also scored Polina the highest mark in the history of the University of Liverpool at the particular “entrepreneural marketing” module with a mark of Destinction 95%. After having completed her studies, Polina moved back to Bulgaria to grow her video marketing business - Popo Creatives, which two years later already has clients from Bulgaria, Italy and the United Kingdom. At Millennium Club, Polina is the digital expert who oversees the digital strategy and positioning as well as produces all video products for the club.