Yordan Ganchev


Yordan Ganchev is a young professional in the area of cyber security. Born in Plovdiv, where he graduated from the High school of Mathematics "Acad. Kiril Popov" with a "Physics and English language" major. He decided to continue his higher education abroad at the University of Southampton, in the United Kingdom, pursuing a degree in Computer Science, where he graduated with a First-class Honours. Throughout his education at university he discovered the area of cyber security and dedicated his time entirely in this field. In this period he actively participated in a vast number of competitions, projects, conferences, initiatives and activities in the area of cyber. He is currently working in London in a Security Operations Centre for one of the biggest financial institutions in the world - JP Morgan Chase & Co. His skills and knowledge span is in the fields of Incident Response, Digital Forensics, Reverse Engineering, Tactical/Operational/Strategic Threat Intelligence, Penetration testing, as well as High-tier endpoint exploitation.