The Committees’ responsibility is to build and manage the club at national and regional level. They take part in the execution of initiatives the Management Board / Exec Board and the organisation of separate events. The collaborative activates between the clubs and the Management Board are looked after by the respective club coordinator. Nowadays, it is easy to work online and loose the personal touch but for us it is vital. Trust and friendships are built in person. Therefore our committees organise frequent networking activities for the club members. These offer the perfect opportunity for you to meet us. Follow Millennium’s calendar (insert hyperlink if available) for more information!

So far we have clubs in the UK with London as headquarters, in the USA with New York as headquarters, in Germany with Frankfurt as headquarters, in France with Paris as headquarters, and in Bulgaria with Sofia as headquarters. Other committees are being built.

The members of our current committees are:


  • Teodora Vasileva (coordinator)
  • Bozhena Pandelieva
  • Savina Boeva
  • Boryana Pencheva
  • Vasil Rabuhchiev
  • Damian Dimitrov
  • Diana Bozhilova
  • Nikolina Yonova
  • Dilyana Todorova
  • Maria Nikolova

New York

  • Klisurski George (Coordinator)
  • Desislava Karakoleva


  • Mimi Shishkova (coordinator)
  • Ilka Ilieva
  • Kiril Tomov
  • Petar Nikolov
  • Lyudmil Varlakov
  • peace denier
  • Nick Avramov


  • Marie Louise Favre (coordinator)
  • Adelina Duncheva
  • Christian Anadoliev
  • Rosina Mancheva
  • Elena Blagova


  • Iliana Marinova (coordinator)
  • Maria Boichinov
  • Milen Hristov
  • Mirela Napetov
  • Mihael Mladenov
  • Yavor Kirilov
  • Daniel Yanev


  • Elena Ivanova
  • Nicolas Koev
  • Victor Stoyanov
  • Dimitar Panchev


  • Plamen Pachev
  • Irina Ruseva
  • Sylvia Gorancheva
  • Kamen Goranchev
  • Nikolay Mitev
  • Vladislav Yotov
  • Ivan Andonov