International Degrees and Diplomas

One of the biggest administrative obstacles for Bulgarians wishing to return to Bulgaria, to continue their studies or to pursue a career, is the recognition of their international diplomas. The current procedure is slow and archaic. It is problematic regardless of whether you are looking to continue your education or to obtain employment, in the public or private sector.

Millennium’s approach

We are working on an ongoing campaign to simplify the legalisation and the recognition of international diplomas in Bulgaria. Our goal is to make the process easier and more transparent. We are working together with the Ministry of Education and with the National Centre for Information and Documentation (NACID), which is responsible for this procedure.

Most of the difficulties we have identified so far, are purely administrative. These include:

  1. Access to information about, and the required documentation to complete, the procedure
  2. Recognition of international degrees
  3. Academic credit transfer

On the first point, we are working together with NACID to help them improve the infrastructure and the content of their website. On the second point, we are actively involved in the process of removing the requirements of apostille for academic certificates, a measure which has been dropped in most of the EU and in the US. On the third point, at this stage, we are working on a case by case basis to identify obstacles in the system. We plan to communicate our finding to the Ministry of Education and to NACID, so that appropriate measures can be taken by the relevant institutions.

We want to hear about your experiences! If you have encountered any obstacles when trying to get your international diploma recognised in Bulgaria, please get in touch with us at

How will we measure success?

We want Bulgaria to have a competitive labour market. Our goal is to abolish the apostille requirement for academic certificates from institutions in the EU and the US. Our goal is to ensure that there isn't a single student with a degree from a prestigious international institution who cannot get his or her academic diploma recognised in Bulgaria. This is an ambitious goal, but we do not believe that it should be, and we are prepared to fight for it!