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In order to achieve its mission to unite young Bulgarians in Bulgaria and abroad, Millennium Club Bulgaria needs to foster strong and sustainable connections between its members.

Members of the club have the opportunity to:

  • Attend all events of Millennium
  • Publish articles and news on Millennium’s website
  • Comment on all articles, publications and analyses on Millennium’s website
  • Share their views and comments on the website’s forum
  • Access all member profiles
  • Participate in campaigns initiated by Millennium
  • Start initiatives and campaings with support from Millennium

Implement the approved initiatives, leveraging Millennium’s global network of members

The requirements for becoming a member of Millennium Club Bulgaria are:

  • Birthdate after 01.01.1981
  • Sharing of personal details and description of motivation to become a member of Millennium
  • Payment of  a yearly membership fee of BGN 20.00 

The Managing Board of Millennium Club Bulgaria reserves the right to refuse membership to any candidate

Membership recognition procedure:

  1. Filling of personal data and motivational letter
  2. Application recognition by the management board
  3. Payment of membership fee - 20 leva

For further enquiries, please contact us at

Become a member