June 01, 2020

Millennium Club Bulgaria - Summer Analyst

Millennium Club Bulgaria – Summer Analyst

The Analyst role is an entry-level position for the brightest and most capable university graduates. Millennium provides its analysts with the specialist training that gives them a strong foundation in the skills they need to begin a successful career.

The focus of Analysts’ time is spent working within small, focused teams. Analysts are often able to work across more than one of the field over the course of the summer.

Due to the nature of our organisation, an Analyst position at Millennium Club provides unparalleled exposure to senior professionals. The basic skills that our training program provides are continually developed by the experience of working with senior advisory professionals across a wide range of assignments.

Broadly speaking, there are three types of work that analysts do: presentations, analysis and administrative tasks.

  • Presentation work involves the formatting and initial writing of various PowerPoint presentations.
  • Analytical work commonly requires Excel but could also include research. Examples include manage the membership dataset and keep the membership list up to date.
  • Social media management – prepare content to be shared on social media

Duration & remuneration:

  • 12 hours per week during 3 months, unpaid. 

Required qualities:

  • Capacity to work independently in a fast paced environment
  • Ability to work remotely
  • Previous experience in content management or journalism is a plus
  • Fluency in Bulgarian and English, any other language is a plus
  • Strong writing capabilities in Bulgarian


Apply with a CV and short motivation at: intern@millenniumclub.org